Yasmine Medhat El-Henawy, M.Sc.

Yasmine Medhat El-Henawy, M.Sc.

External Doctoral Candidate
University of Mannheim
Business School
Schloss, Schneckenhof-Ost – Room SO 205
68161 Mannheim


Yasmine El-Henawy is a graduate of the Master of Science in Management, Supply Chain Management (M.S.c) at the German University in Cairo. Her research interests include buyer-supplier relationships, supply chain sustainability, and supply chain finance. 

Yasmine has presented a number of papers in prestigious conferences, including IPSERA (International Purchasing & Supply Education & Research Association) and Euram (European Academy of Management) and she has a published book chapter by Springer. She won second place for her research on the readiness of supply chain finance by the Carisca Association.