Helke Naujok

Helke Naujok

University of Mannheim
Business School
Schloss, Schneckenhof-Ost, SO 207
68161 Mannheim
Phone: +49 621 181-3249
Fax: +49 621 181-1653
E-mail: procurement
Office hours:
Mon–Fri 9:00 a.m. – noon and 1:00–4:00 p.m.


Helke Naujok has been working at the University of Mannheim since January 2017. After training in nursing, she has further qualified as a management and study assistant and has many years of experience in university administration. In addition to her work at the Endowed Chair for Procurement, Helke Naujok works in the secretariat of the Chair of Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Prof. Dr. Moritz Fleischmann).