Research Seminar Procurement in Fall 2021: Topics are online
The application period is May-03 until May-16, 2021.
14th Academic Symposium “Supply Management” of the German Professional Procurement Association, March 08/09
We look forward to having you join us for the first virtual academic symposium “Supply Management” – the major scholarly event on purchasing and supply management in Germany.
Welcome to the spring semester 2021!
Important information for the courses offered by the Endowed Chair of Procurement in Spring 2021
Sustainable operations: The area “Operations Management” addresses sustainability with a new module
A new sustainability course, developed jointly by all four OPM-chairs, is set to equip MMM-students with the skills needed to address sustainability challenges.
“Processes and Strategies of Negotiation” in Spring 2021
In Spring 2021, our negotiation course OPM 452 will be offered again as an elective in the B.Sc. program – delivered entirely online and remote.
New module as part of the “Global Innovation Challenge” (M.Sc.)
The Global Innovation Challenge offers MMM students an exceptional opportunity to study in an international environment and gain practical experience with companies.
Ph.D. candidate wanted
Apply and become part of an exceptional team!
online seminar on software procurement excellence with McKinsey & Co.
Join our virtual briefing event that reports current findings on the key levers for successful software procurement
Final results and post-exam review: OPM 591 “Strategic Procurement”
Final results for OPM 591 “Strategic Procurement” have been released
Final results and post-exam review: OPM 691 “Supply Risk Management”
Final results for OPM 691 “Supply Risk Management” have been released