Eingereichte Arbeiten und aktuelle Arbeits­papiere

Optimal Service Design at the Interface of Marketing and Operations: What Benefits to Provide to Customers and How to Create them? (mit Fabian Strohm)

Service Network Design: Competing on Convenient Locations and Responsive Service Processes (mit Pratibha Saini und Fabian Strohm)

Railway Delay Management with Passenger Rerouting in Face of Train Capacity Constraints (mit Eva König)

Continuous Pricing in a Capacitated Network under Mixed Multinomial Logit Demand with Applications to Railway Revenue Management (mit Simon Hohberger)

An Algorithm to Create Test Data for Large Scale Network Revenue Management Models with Customer Choice (mit Simon Hohberger)

Replenishment by Air or Ocean? Stochastic Dynamic Programming at Dell (mit Dominic McKendry und Sonja Gensler)

An Integrated Optimization Approach to Green Product and Supply Network Design