#co.connected – supporting digital change


#co.connected is a joint research and development project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research which aims at promoting professional digital media competencies and supporting organizational change in educational organizations.

The digital transformation has created a number of challenges for educational organizations. These challenges can relate to internal structures and processes, as well as employees’ competencies or content-related aspects of products and offerings. By the example of a diversified education provider, the #co-connectedproject illustrates how these challenges can be tackled.

#co.connected aims at the individual as well as the organizational level and combines Human Resource development with organizational change. The project consortium consists of Institut Jugend Film Fernsehen Berlin-Brandenburg e.V., Kolping Bildungswerk Paderborn gGmbH, University of Cologne (Media Didactics and Media Education) and University of Mannheim (Economic and Business Education – Learning, Design & Technology).

The overarching research goal is to develop a transferable approach for Human Resource development and organizational change in the context of digital transformation.

Project specific development goals are:

  • Development and dissemination of an organization-wide understanding of digitalization and related processes
  • Development and implementation of adequate training measures for fostering professional media competencies
  • Organizational implementation of media-related development projects

General research goals are:

  • Development and testing of a heuristic approach for dialogue-oriented organizational development in the context of digital transformation
  • Development of a generic model of ‘digital maturity’ for education providers
  • Knowledge transfer to other educational organizations and industries