Chair of Digital Marketing and Marketing Transformation

Prof. Dr. Arnd Vomberg

Prof. Dr. Arnd Vomberg

The professorship for “Digital Marketing and Marketing Transformation” researches and provides solutions for key challenges which marketing and sales managers face:

  • Ongoing digital transformation
  • Agility transformation and
  • Shift to a socially responsible marketing approach.

The results of our research have been published in top-tier journals, such as the Journal of Marketing, the Journal of Marketing Research, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, and the International Journal of Research in Marketing.

  • Ongoing digital transformation

    The ongoing digital transformation poses major challenges for companies. For example, new technologies are significantly influencing the behavior of customers and competitors. Digital technologies are increasingly becoming the key to achieving competitive advantages and are resulting in an economy shaped by algorithms (algorithmic economy). Companies are delegating decisions to machines that were previously made by humans. Digital transformation and new technologies harbor considerable potential for success, but at the same time present marketing and sales managers with a variety of challenges.

    Exemplarily, we are interested in the following topics: Dynamic pricing, digital selling, blockchain technology.

  • Agility transformation

    Volatile market developments and changes in customer preferences (e.g., with regard to sales channels) changed the competitive landscape. As a result, companies are searching for new and flexible organizational models, requiring less rigid organizational mind-sets which tolerate failures.

    Exemplarily, we are interested in the following topics: Omnichannel management, failure tolerant cultures

  • Shift to a socially responsible marketing approach

    Customers increasingly reward companies that extend their marketing efforts from a narrow customer-focus to the inclusion of further stakeholder groups—enhancing societal well-being. Thereby, a company’s employees are of focal importance. In my research, I investigate the marketing-human-resource-management interface.

    Exemplarily, we are interested in the following topics: Marketing’s impact on human resource management, sales people mental health


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