MKT 750 Research Seminar

Please note the registration deadlines for the seminars, which will be published in time on the homepage of the chair and in the syllabus. In FSS 2024, the registration period ran from January 22, 2024, until February 9, 2024 (Noon).

The topics for FSS 2024 were announced on January 22, 2024. The registration period for Fall 2024 will most likely run in August.

Further information can also be found in the module catalog.

Course information

Responsible lecturer Prof. Dr. Arnd Vomberg
Event type Seminar (Written paper (70%) of the final grade, presentation (30%) of the final grade)
Credit points 6 ECTS
Semester hours 2 SWS
Semester Autumn/Winter semester & Spring/Summer semester
Language English (seminar paper can be written in German)
Registration Registration required, see syllabus
Selection criteria Current preliminary grade point average
Admitted participants Mannheim Master in Management, Mannheim Master in Business Research (MMBR), M.A. K&W, M.Sc. Business Education,


Topic announcement: January 22, 2024
Application period: January 22 – February 9, 2024
Announcement of admission: February 14, 2024
Kick-off event: February 20, 2024 – 9 am (Room 201, L9 7)
Work phase: February 20 – April 23, 2024
Seminar presentation: May 7, 2024 – 9 am (Room 201, L9 7)