Handbook of Market Research

Our “Handbook of Market Research” is now available in print and online (Editors: Christian Homburg, Martin Klarmann, and Arnd Vomberg). We published 32 chapters on a broad set of topics (e.g., design of survey research, time series analysis, image analytics). We want to thank all authors and reviewers for their valuable contributions to the Handbook.

To view all chapters and download them, please visit the Handbook’s online site​​​​​​​.

What is unique about the Handbook of Market Research?

  • Chapters in this Handbook are not purely technical but also offer an intuitive account of the discussed methodologies.
  • Many chapters provide data and software code to replicate the analyses (excellent for self-study and lectures).
  • Chapters in this Handbook have gone through a friendly review process.
  • We publish the Handbook dynamically. Novel chapters will appear continuously on the Handbook’s online site. Moreover, authors can update existing chapters online to respond to emerging trends and new methods (32nd chapter added recently).