OPM 781 – Seminar Thesis in HWS 2023
Seminar Thesis topics for HWS 2023 are online. Register between April 28th and May 12th.
Our research at IPSERA 2023 in Barcelona
Ruth, Davide, and Jan presented some results of their current research.
Guest Lecture on Sustainable Operations Management in the Food Industry by Renzo Akkerman
On 29 March 2023, Renzo Akkerman from the University of Wageningen gave a lecture on Sustainable Operations Management in the Food Industry for the course OPM 510 Sustainable Operations Management.
Presentations at the 32nd QBWL Workshop
The Chair of Production Management participated in the 32nd QBWL Workshop, Bad Windsheim, Germany.
Acceptance to POMS2023 International Conference
Recent work from the Chair of Service Operations Management accepted for oral presentation
Successful doctoral defense of Davide Burkhart
Davide Burkhart successfully defended his dissertation.
2023 Academic Symposium on Supply Management, March-06/07
For the 7th consecutive time in Mannheim!
16th Academic Symposium „Supply Management“ on March-06/07, 2023
Join us for a great program!
Transatlantic Climate Conversation on „Climate Change and Business: Sustainable Alliances and Sustainable Operations“
Ben Gomes-Casseres (Brandeis) and Christoph Bode (U Mannheim) will discuss Sustainable Alliances and Sustainable Operations.
New Article on Demand Management for Last-Mile Delivery
Our team member Katrin Wassmuth, together with her co-authors Charlotte Köhler, Niels Agatz, and Moritz Fleischmann published a literature review on demand management for last-mile delivery services. The paper discusses demand management issues in online retailing, especially the offering of ...