MAN 649 Human Resource Recruitment and Selection

This course is offered in fall semesters (HWS).


In this course, we will be focusing on two important aspects of human resource management: recruitment and staff selection. Starting with the job analysis as a point of departure, this course will take you through the various stages of the recruitment and selection process up to the point where a candidate is selected for a specific job. The lectures are set to take place during the first half of the semester and will cover the following topics:

  • - Determination of job requirements
  • Function and structure of a job description
  • Determination and evaluation (weighting) of selection criteria
  • Identification of suitable recruitment channels
  • Methods for attracting potential applicants – as well as their advantages and disadvantages (e.g. Internet, recruitment agencies, headhunters, press advertising, social networks)
  • Methods for assessing applicants – as well as their advantages and disadvantages (including application forms interviews, work sampling, psychometric instruments)
  • Development of a criteria methodology matrix
  • Quality management of recruitment and personnel selection

During the exercise sessions, which are scheduled for the second half of the semester, topics covered during the lectures will be further elaborated through case studies, group assignments, practical group exercises and plenary discussions.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will able to...

  • ... perform job analyses and develop job descriptions,
  • ... derive selection criteria from job analyses,
  • ... assess recruitment methods according to their benefits and drawbacks,
  • ... assess selection methods according to their benefits and drawbacks,
  • ... develop complex selection plans (criteria-methodology-matrix) and
  • ... identify and apply quality requirements for recruitment and personnel selection.