MAN 645 Leadership and Motivation

This course is offered in fall semesters (HWS).

Aim of Module

This course is designed to introduce students to different perspectives on leadership and the role motivation plays in the leadership process. It provides students with a comprehensive understanding of leadership theories (e.g. trait, skills, style, and situational approaches) and discusses contemporary challenges of leadership in organizations (e.g. culture and leadership, women in leadership positions, ethical leadership). Furthermore, the course gives students the opportunity to experience their own leadership behavior and thereby helps them prepare for leadership roles in organizations.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module, students will be able to...

  • … understand different approaches to leading and motivating employees,
  • … analyze different leadership styles and evaluate their advantages and disadvantages,
  • … assess factors of successful leadership,
  • … understand potential problems in the interaction between supervisors and subordinates,
  • … learn about their own leadership style.

Grading based on

•   Written exam

•   Assignment