MAN 646 HR Analytics

This course is offered in fall semesters (HWS).

Aim of Module

In this course, the relations between human resource practices and business success are analyzed. Through their employees, companies can get a competitive advantage. However, measuring the impact of knowledge, skills, or motivation of employees on business success is difficult.  What is the economic value of a better job performance of employees? How can organizations benefit from trainings or improved personnel selection? What are the actual costs that emerge when an employee is missing work or starts working for another company? Often times, human resource departments cannot find satisfactory answers to such questions based on the data available.

The aim of this course is to portray analytical approaches to measuring relevant personnel figures and implementing them to personnel strategies. Secondly, in this course, outcomes of empirical research on the impact of human resource practices on business success are discussed. By combining both approaches, opportunities are shown to improve the quality of decisions in human resource management and its influence on the enterprise value.


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module, students will be able to...

... understand impacts human resource practices can have on business success,

... develop a system of personnel figures and implement it to personnel strategies,

... develop procedures of examining the quality of personnel measures,

... analyze company data in order to estimate economic profit earned through human resource practices.



75% Exam

25% Assignment