Chair of Learning, Design and Technology

Prof. Dr. Dirk Ifenthaler

Prof. Dr. Dirk Ifenthaler

Digital technology has been a revolution for the modern information society and many areas of everyday life. In the field of learning and instruction, digital technology has had a major influence on how people learn. Advantages of technology-enhanced learning and instruction include the freedom of scheduling learning activities, adaptive support, and personalised learning environments.

Our research group focusses on Learning, Design and Technology within this fast evolving field. In particular. we are interested in the following research areas:

  • Learning Analytics (e.g., Ifenthaler, 2015a)
  • Technology Integration in Classroom Settings, e.g., iPads (e.g., Ifenthaler & Schweinbenz, 2013)
  • First-year Higher Education Students (e.g., Mah & Ifenthaler, in press)
  • School and Curriculum Development (e.g., Gosper & Ifenthaler, 2014)
  • Automated Semantic Assessment and Feedback (e.g., Ifenthaler 2014)
  • Learning-dependent Change of Cognitive Structure (e.g., Ifenthaler, 2015b)
  • Design, Assessment, and Analytics of Serious Games (e.g., Loh, Sheng, & Ifenthaler, 2015)
  • Massive Open Online Courses (e.g., Ifenthaler & Schumacher, in press)
  • Complex problem solving (e.g., Eseryel, Law, Ifenthaler, Ge, & Miller, 2014)
  • STEAM Education (e.g., Ge, Ifenthaler, & Spector, 2015)
  • Digital Knowledge Maps (e.g., Hanewald & Ifenthaler, 2014)


New Book published: Learning Technologies for Transforming Large-Scale Teaching, Learning, and Assessment
This volume provides a contemporary glance at the drastically expanding field of delivering large-scale education to unprecedented numbers of learners.
National Policies and Educational Technology: a Synopsis of Trends and Perspectives from Five Countries
Through a synopsis of the trends and perspectives on educational technology in five countries by using the STEEP (social, technological, economic, environmental and political) framework, the authors discuss the direct influence of national policies on educational technology implementation and ...
Professor Ifenthaler established new Book Series on Data Science in Learning and Teaching
This Springer book series highlights the latest developments of analytics for learning and teaching as well as providing an arena for the further development of this rapidly developing field.
Professor Ifenthaler Senior Editor of Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education
Professor Ifenthaler joins the Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education as new Senior Editor. Higher education around the world has become a major topic of discussion, debate, and controversy, as a range of political, economic, social, and technological pressures result in a myriad of changes ...
New Book published: Utilizing Learning Analytics to Support Study Success
This book features contributions from distinguished international researchers, emphasises theoretical perspectives, innovative technologies, implementation, and assessment strategies for learning analytics in higher education, as well as highlights case studies that show innovative approaches of ...

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