Professor Ifenthaler Senior Editor of Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education

Professor Ifenthaler joins the Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education as new Senior Editor. Higher education around the world has become a major topic of discussion, debate, and controversy, as a range of political, economic, social, and technological pressures result in a myriad of changes at all levels. But the quality and quantity of critical dialogue and research and their relationship with practice remains limited.

The internationally peer-reviewed Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education addresses this shortfall by focusing on the scholarship and practice of teaching and learning and higher education and covers:

  • Higher education teaching, learning, curriculum, assessment, policy, management, leadership, and related areas
  • Digitization, internationalization, and democratization of higher education, and related areas such as lifelong and lifewide learning
  • Innovation, change, and reflections on current practices

Issues around teaching and learning, especially those discussions which seek to inform practice are encouraged, ensuring the journal has validity and relevance in the fast-change higher education landscape.

Since 2014, Professor Ifenthaler is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal Technology, Knowledge and Learning.