New Book published: Learning Technologies for Transforming Large-Scale Teaching, Learning, and Assessment

This volume provides a contemporary glance at the drastically expanding field of delivering large-scale education to unprecedented numbers of learners.

Sampson, D. G., Spector, J. M., Ifenthaler, D., Isaias, P., & Sergis, S. (Eds.). (2019). Learning technologies for transforming teaching, learning and assessment at large scale. Cham: Springer.

The book showcases how emerging educational technologies and innovative practices have been used to address core global educational challenges. It provides state-of-the-art insights and case studies of exploiting innovative learning technologies, including Massive Open Online Courses and educational data analytics, to address key global challenges spanning from online Teacher Education to large-scale coding competence development. This volume will be of interest to academics and professional practitioners working in the area of digital technology integration in teaching, learning and assessment, as well as those interested in specific conference themes (e.g., designing and assessing learning in online environments, assessing learning in complex domains) and presenters, invited speakers, and participants of the CELDA conference.

  • Represents the very latest work in the area where Internet, information and communications technology, learning psychology and instructional design intersectEmphasizes implications for teacher education, planning and decision makingContributes to a library of proceedings kept by many libraries and scholars in the field
  • Actively solicits contributions and participation from cognitive psychologists, information technologists and instructional designers from the CELDA conference
  • Represents a genuinely multi-disciplinary approach to the field