Spotlight: Digital Marketing

How can Managers Master the Omnipresent Disruptive Force of Digitization?

The ongoing digitization in many parts of customers’ lives and the abundance of data hold many fruitful prospects as well as threatening risks for companies. With a multitude of studies in our research portfolio, we shed light on various aspects of digital marketing including mobile and online marketing, platform marketing, human-computer interactions, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing.

In our research, we examine critical managerial problems pertinent to the topics mentioned above. Based on empirical research, we teach students and executives how to leverage the opportunities and mitigate the risks of digitization. In our courses, we train participants how they can deduce relevant management implications and sustain competitive advantages in the context of digital marketing.

Exemplary research on „Digital Marketing“

  •  Customers’ Fear of Missing Out in Digital Marketing: Personalization is a strategic priority among the majority of retail companies. While personalized marketing activities can ease customers’ lives, they also reveal the abundance of opportunities that customers cannot all seize. The transparency of forgone opportunities might cause customers to experience the fear of missing out (FOMO), an elusive feeling of missing out desirable experiences. Our research investigates the role of customers’ fear of missing out in a digital marketing context and provides guidance on how companies can effectively design personalized marketing activities.
  •  Competitive Analysis based on Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence is on everybody’s lips and represents one of the most important topics for contemporary management. In our research, we show how neural networks can be leveraged to perform automated competitive analyses. These competitive analyses provide information regarding brand positioning, brand similarity, and brand associations.
  •  Customer Behavior in the Platform Economy: Business models which connect buyers and sellers on a platform, such as AirBnb, ebay, and Uber, are on the rise. With their platform business models, these companies often disrupt traditional power structures in various industries. Our research sheds light on customer behavior in the realm of platform business models investigating interactions between buyers and sellers to provide guidance how to manage platforms successfully.