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Why study Marketing in Mannheim?

Very high relevance of marketing for corporate success and increasing importance in business practice!

  • Central business management function!
  • Key management philosophy that guides corporate decisions!

Our courses of study

The Area Marketing & Sales offers courses at all levels. Follow the links to learn more about the corresponding curricula:


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Bachelor´s Degree

Courses in the field of Marketing & Sales are represented in the curriculum of the Bachelor of Science Business Administration and for minor students as compulsory modules as well as elective modules.

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Master's Degree

Courses in the field of Marketing & Sales are included in the curriculum of the Mannheim Master in Management and Mannheim Master in Business Research (MMBR), both as compulsory modules and as elective modules. 

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Doctoral Programs

We are always looking for qualified doctoral candidates to complement our team. 

Please also have a look at the program of the Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences

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Executive Education

Under the umbrella of the University of Mannheim, Mannheim Business School is Germany's leading business school with one of the most exciting tasks of the future: the training and further education of top international executives. Business and education are brought together in the innovative programs.