Direct Sales and Multi-Channel Strategies

Bundesverband Direktvertrieb Deutschland

The direct sale of products and services to end customers has a long tradition and special significance in marketing research. Science is particularly concerned with the integration of direct sales into multi-channel strategies and their effects on sales partners, customers and sales.

In order to bring practice and research together, the Chair of Sales & Services Marketing under the direction of Prof. Dr. Kraus maintains a long-term research cooperation with the Bundesverband Direkt-vertrieb Deutschland e.V. (Federal Association of Direct Sales Germany). (BDD). The umbrella organization, which unites numerous direct selling enterprises such as Tupperware, AMC and Vorwerk as members, supports these, by acting as their mouthpiece in society and politics.

The dialogue partnership is about “the future of direct sales”. Within the framework of market studies, specialist articles and other publications, key figures are collected and trends and challenges identified from which alternative courses of action for companies can be derived.

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