Dr. Amir Foroughi

Dr. Amir Foroughi

Research Assistant at the Chair of Production Management
University of Mannheim
Schloss Schneckenhof Ost SO 212
68161 Mannheim
Phone: +49 621 181-1461
Fax: +49 621 181-1579

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I conduct research focusing on designing novel solution approaches for problems in the field of Operation Management and developing Business Analytics methods for the quantitative analyses of stochastic systems.

Outpatient Appointment Scheduling with Queueing Systems

Developing efficient outpatient appointment systems has been getting more important in the last few decades due to the rapid increase in healthcare demand and its expenditures. In outpatient appointment systems, the appointment times are set to balance patients’ waiting times and practitioners’ idle times. With regards to stochastic service time, late cancelation of patients or no-shows, unscheduled patients’ walking in, and unpunctuality of patients, uncertainties inherent in appointment systems. Queuing theory is a strong tool to analyze appointment systems. This Ph.D. research focuses on managing the uncertainty and trading off the interests of the physicians and patients with the aid of queueing theory.