MAN803 Applied Econometrics in Management and Entrepreneurship Research (Doctoral Program)

This course is offered during spring semesters (FSS).


This course transmits knowledge about econometric methods and their application in empirical entrepreneurship and management research. Students will be able to understand and apply quantitative methods for analyzing various entrepreneurship and management related research questions, such as entry determinants of entrepreneurship, firm performance, organizational change, human resource management and strategic management.
Students will be introduced to the theory and the application of econometric methods (such as advanced regression analyses, structural equation models, and hierarchical linear models) in management and entrepreneurship research. The application will be demonstrated with practical examples and exercises using general purpose software packages such as SPSS as well as more specialized programs such as AMOS.


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module students will gain an overview of various quantitative methods, namely

  • Regression models (generalized linear model)
  • Factor analysis
  • Full structural equation models
  • Hierarchical linear models
  • Panel and growth curve models

and their application in the field of management and entrepreneurship research by using different software packages such as PASW 17, AMOS, and SYSTAT 10.
Students will also master several challenging new themes in the area of entrepreneurship research.

ECTS credits: 8.0