OPM 544 Advanced Supply Chain Planning


Supply chain management involves the coordination of different parties within and across companies, such as sales and marketing affiliates, manufacturing sites, logistics, suppliers, customers, and wholesalers. With increasing size of an organization and its supply chain structures, global supply chain management (SCM) requires adequate visibility and decision support. Furthermore SCM is today increasingly faced with the need of a new Demand-Driven operating model for the highly digital interlinked Supply Chains and the highly volatile and complex business environment becoming the New Normal. Advanced Planning Systems like SAP SCM APO and SAP IBP (Integrated Business Planning) are used to standardize global planning processes and to solve the required planning tasks, such as statistical forecasting, inventory and supply network planning. In many large corporations, they form the backbone of global supply chain planning today. 

This course discusses how SCM and Demand-Driven Adaptive Planning Principals can be supported by integrated business planning systems. Key topics include demand planning, supply network planning, production planning & scheduling, as well as other related topics, such as global availability check, inventory & supply network replenishment. 

Learning outcomes:  

Students will understand the necessity and benefits of Demand-Driven Adaptive Supply Chain Planning Systems for corporate SCM. They will understand their structure, how these systems are applied and used within the Sales & Operations Process, and how they are implemented within various organizations. Students will also get an introduction into SAP SCM and SAP IBP, today’s leading Advanced and Integrated Business Planning Systems in SCM. 


  • Formal: –  
  • Recommended: Participants should be familiar with the fundamentals of operations and supply chain management, as covered, e.g., in the modules OPM 501, OPM 502, and OPM 561. 

Obligatory registration: yes               Further Information on the registration: “Student Portal” 


Hours per week  



2 (blocked) 

ECTS in total 

Form of assessment  

Written exam 

Preliminary course work  

Lecturer/Person in charge  

Dr. Josef Packowski / Prof. Dr. Moritz Fleischmann 

Duration of module  

3 days (blocked) 


Fall semester 



Program-specific educational goals  

LG 1, LG 3