OPM 702 Master Colloquium


The Master Colloquium provides students with an opportunity to present core ideas of their thesis project and to receive feedback from their peers as well as from their supervisor. This feedback will help them in the completion of their thesis. The presentation will be scheduled about half-way through the project.

Learning outcomes:

Students will learn how to present a complicated matter in a well-structured way. They will benefit from their individual feedback as well as from attending and discussing presentations by their peers.


  • Formal: none
  • Recommended: Sound knowledge in logistics and supply chain management; sound quantitative skills; interest in scientific research


Hours per week



Exercise class


ECTS in total


Form of assessment

Presentation, active contribution to class discussion, written report

Lecturer/Person in charge

Prof. Dr. Moritz Fleischmann

Contact person


Duration of module

1 term


HWS + FSS (dates will be annonced well in advance through ILIAS)


English / German