Pardis Sahraei, M.Sc.

Pardis Sahraei, M.Sc.

University of Mannheim
Schloss – Raum SO 211

Phone: +49 621 181–1642



  • Drones Routing Problem for the Sustainable Last-Mile Delivery by Considering the Charging Potential of Public Transportation Modes:  Bremen Case Study, Working Paper
  • Public Transportation Resource Assignment for Mutual Sustainable Considerations and Service Level Efficiency: Case Study Hamburg Public Transportation, HICL2020.
  • Plant Layout Problem by Considering Aisle Structure, 4rd International Conference on industrial and system engineering, September 2018.
  • A Novel Approach for Evaluating Suitability of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems in Dynamic Market, 3rd International Conference on industrial and system engineering, September 2017.



09.2019- 12.2020M.Sc. Supply Chain Engineering and Management, Jacobs University Bremen, Germany
09.2016- 09.2018

M.Sc. Industrial Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Iran

 09.2012- 09.2016B.Sc. Industrial Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Iran



 02.2021- PresentResearch Assistant, Chair of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Business School University of Mannheim
 11.2020- 01.2021Participation in CIP project: „Mobility Hubs Location and Allocation of Vehicles“ in Bremen to Implement Car-Sharing Action Planv
 09.2019- 05.2020Teacher Assistant for 'Advanced Production System Design,' 'Basic of Manufacturing Technology,' 'B.Sc. Thesis Seminar', Jacobs University Bremen, Germany
01.2015- 05.2018

Teacher Assistant for 'Production Methods,' 'Plant Layout,' 'Supply Chain Planning,' 'General Economics,' 'Quality Control' and 'Operation Research,' Sharif University of Technology, Iran

 06.2017- 09.2017Participation in „Investigating the Process of Using Automobile Safety Systems to Reduce Road Deaths Worldwide and Create a Roadmap for Saipa Company“ Research project for the Saipa Corporation, Iran.



  • Awarded the Fritz-Hollweg scholarship, Bremen, Germany. (2019)
  • Awarded the Jacobs University Bremen scholarship, Bremen, Germany. (2019)
  • Educational Selected Student in the Second Student Recognition Ceremony, Iran. (2018)
  • Straight forward to Master without Entrance Exam, Iran. (by Using Talented Quotas-2016)
  • Ranked 5th Among More than 80 students in the Department of Industrial Engineering at Sharif University of Technology, Iran. (2016)
  • Awarded a fellowship from National Elite Foundation, Iran. (Since 2015).
  • Ranked 383rd Among More than 71,000 Participants in Nationwide University Entrance Exam in Mathematics and Physics, Iran. (2012)