Finance Research Seminar Series

Datum: Montag, 3:30 - 4:45 pm

Ort: L9, 1-2, room 004

HWS 2018

Datum Name Institut Titel
10-Sep-18 Alberto Manconi Bocconi University Can Technology Undermine Macroprudential Regulation? Evidence from Peer-to-Peer Credit in China
17-Sep-18 Xianming Zhou Australian National University Passive Institutional Ownership and Executive Compensation: Monitoring or Crowding Out?
08-Oct-18 Arna Olafsson Copenhagen Business School Credit Smoothing
15-Oct-18 Tracy Yue Wang University of Minnesota Public Attention to Gender Equality, Implicit Attitudes, and Corporate Outcomes
29-Oct-18 Francesco D'Acunto Boston College IQ, Expectations, and Choice
05-Nov-18 Roni Michaely University of Geneva Sticking Around Too Long? Dynamics of the Benefits of Dual-Class Structurese
19-Nov-18 Sophie Shive University of Notre Dame The Private Equity Return Gap
26-Nov-18 Marcin Kacperczyk Imperial College London The Private Production of Safe Assets
03-Dec-18 Susan Christoffersen University of Toronto Why Do Institutions Delay Reporting Their Shareholdings? Evidence from Form 13F

We thank the Wilhelm Müller Foundation for financial support of the University of Mannheim Finance Research Seminar Series.