MAN 638 Employee Relations


The study of employment relations involves examining the dynamic between employees and their employers, a key aspect of HR responsibilities. The course “Employment Relations“ equips students with a robust foundation in the various facets of employment relations, covering processes, contextual understanding, and real-world applications. It also imparts the necessary skills for a successful career in HR.

This course will cover a wide spectrum, ranging from the legal dimensions of employment relations, essential policies, and evolving societal influences to conflict resolution, mediation, fostering employee engagement, and maintaining workplace discipline. The lecture will cover the following topics:

  • The concepts and processes of employment relations
  • The context of employment relations
  • Employment relations strategies, policies, and change
  • Employee engagement
  • Managing employment relations
  • Employee representation
  • Managing workplace conflict
  • Managing workplace discipline
  • Managing employee grievances
  • Managing redundancy
  • Legal frameworks – comparative employment relations
  • The role of mediation in conflict resolution

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to...

  • ...knowledgably discuss key concepts and processes of employment relations
  • ... demonstrate an understanding of
    • the context in which employment relations exist
    • the actors involved in employment relations and the interests they pursue
    • key strategic consideration of employment relations and how they impact policy and change processes
    • key considerations in securing employee engagement 
  • ... key aspects of managing employment relations including the handling of workplace conflict, workplace discipline, employee grievances, redundancy, and mediation

Course language: English.