MAN 647 Strategic and International Human Resource Management

This course is offered in spring semesters (FSS).

Aim of Module

This course is intended to expand the knowledge of students on basic human resource management (HRM) processes and instruments by adding an international and a strategic dimension. In the first part of the module (international dimension), we examine the impact of national context on HRM and discuss basic HRM functions in international organizations. Topics include international recruiting and selection, training and development, compensation, and employee relations.

In the second part of the module (strategic dimension), we focus on the dynamics of HRM systems. Various approaches to how singular HRM practices conceptually and empirically form bundles are considered. We review how HRM practices can be aligned with respect to other HRM practices (horizontal fit) and to objectives of organizations (vertical fit) in order to form HRM systems that help improve organizations' performance.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module, students will be able to...

  • … understand the impact of culture and national context on HRM,
  • … analyze differences in international HRM systems,
  • … design basic HRM practices in international organizations,
  • … align HRM practices with respect to their horizontal and vertical fit,
  • … and comprehend the processes of trans­lating HRM systems into organizations' performance.


75% Exam

25% Group Presentation