Bachelor thesis

Choice of Topic

The topics of bachelor theses correspond to the teaching and research areas of our chair. Recent topics for bachelor theses at our chair included:

  • Performance feedback based on (visual) data: Recommendations for leadership practice
  • Basing HR decisions on Big Data: Threats to employees' moral agency and motivation
  • The impact of hiring algorithms on candidate perceptions
  • Genetic influences on job satisfaction and job-related stress
  • Compensation in the war for talent – how can compensation systems be used to motivate and retain top performers?
  • The effects of personnel selection methods on (future) employees
  • How does environmental CSR affect employees’ attitudes and behavior?
  • Is it always good to be flexible? The relations­hip between flexible work arrangements and work-family-interference
  • Are there European clusters of HRM?
  • The antecedents of HRM practices
  • How do work groups influence their members? The self-categorization theory
  • We are the champions! A review of the social identity theory
  • Group norms at the workplace - a review
  • Justice in organizations: what, how, and why?


We offer some guidelines for scientific writing in German and English.