MAN 668 Leader­ship in Organizations

The course is offered in fall semesters. 


Important interrelations­hips and conditions for successful leader­ship are explained and discussed using selected theories and models.

Several parameters and elements of organizational behavior for employee leader­ship, such as psychological contracts, trust, envy, extreme careerism, or moral courage, are addressed.

Learning Outcomes: 

By the end of the course, students will be able to...

  • ... understand important interrelations­hips of the leader­ship process in organizations.
  • ... classify the conditions of organizational behavior for leader­ship.
  • ... identify and explain important influencing factors and effects of organizational behavior within the framework of their project tasks using empirical studies and theory-based models.
  • ... design a lecture of their project task that is tailored to the target audience and implement it using appropriate teaching methods (e.g., interactive teaching conversation, case study, discussion).


Luthans, Fred, Brett C. Luthans, and Kyle W. Luthans. Organizational behavior: An evidence-based approach

Form of assessment: 

Written exam 50 % / Oral exam 50 %

Course language: English