Brown Bag Seminar

The Brown Bag Seminar provides an internal forum for our PhD students, postdocs and faculty to present early-stage working papers or research ideas. The seminar is held on Wednesday from 1:45 pm to 3.15 pm in the Seminar Hall O 048 (unless otherwise stated).


Program for the current term


Please mark your calendars for the following seminar dates:

February 12

Jan Riepe (University of Tübingen): „Does Greater Transparency Discipline the Loan Loss Provisioning of Privately Held Banks“

April 29

Amaraa Daniel Zogbayar (with Amadeus Bach):  „The Economics and Origins of Rumors: Evidence from Disclosure and Insider Trading Regulation“

May 6

Chris Karlsson: „A survey based approach to identify Earnings Management”

May 20

Jan Kock: „Taxation and Legal Form Choice - Evidence from the German Business Tax“


Due to the current University lock-down responding to the COVID-19 virus, all scheduled presentations have been postponed to after the Eastern Break. In case the University will not be able to re-open after April 30th, the Brown Bag Seminar will be hosted online via Zoom.

Past Brown Bag Seminars