Brown Bag Seminar

The Brown Bag Seminar provides an internal forum for our PhD students, postdocs and faculty to present early-stage working papers or research ideas. The seminar is actually held on Wednesday from 1:45 pm to 3:15 pm in O 048 and parallel via ZOOM (unless otherwise stated).

Current Term

Program for the current term


7 September

Scholarly Improve Session

14 September

Scholarly Improve Session

21 September

Tobias Bornemann: “Accounting Classification and Investors’ Perception of Hybrid Financial Instruments”

Patricia Breuer: „Transparency and Firm Heterogeneity“

28 September

Felix Vetter: “Audit Mandates, Audit Firms, and Auditors”

Daniela Zipperer with Yuhan Liu: „Integrating ESG into Planning: Survey Evidence based on the German Company Landscape“

5 October


19 October

Svenja Dube (Fordham University): „ESG Rating Competition“

Qi Gao: „Disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions”

26 October

Johannes Gaul: „Tax competition and perceptions of local representatives“

G­unter Glenk: „Faithful Accounting of Corporate Carbon Emissions“

9 November

Vincent Giese: „Spillovers of Environmental Enforcement: An Analysis of Corporate Misbehavior“

Katharina Schmidt: „The Moderating Effect of Carbon Emissions on the Relations­hip Between Shareholder-level Taxes and Firm Valuation“

Felix Vetter: „Financial Statements not Required“

16 November

Clemens Lauer: „Fair Value Accounting of Equity Securities: Does Gain Realization Matter for Investment Choices?”

Yuhan Liu: „Corporate Financial Reporting: Experimental Evidence and Economic Implications“

Thomas Simon: „How to Cold Call Firms? An Application of Multi-Armed Bandit Optimization in Corporate Web Surveys“

7 December

Robert Stoumbos (ESSEC Business School, France): „Dividends, Trust, and Firm Value“

Daniela Zipperer: „Informational Value of ESG Disclosure: Evidence from the US Secondary Loan Market“







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