Research Seminar - 2008

April 2

Dr. Anna Gold: „Sole versus Shared Responsibility: Fraud Consultation and Auditor Judgment“
Erasmus-Universität Rotterdam


April 29

Prof. Robert Knechel: "“Earnings Management and the Pricing and Production of Audit Services”"
University of Florida, Fisher School of Accounting


May 14

Prof. Frank Moers: "“Bonus Contracts, Private Information, and CEO Turnover”"
University of Maastricht


June 5 

Prof. Jeroen Suijs: "“Financial reporting quality choices”"
Erasmus University Rotterdam


June 25

Prof. Brian Mittendorf: „Endogenous Accounting Bias when Decision Making and Control Interact”"
Yale School of Management, Yale University


July 30

Prof. Scott Duellmann: „Auditor Competition and Auditor Independence: The Quality of Financial Statements“
Binghamton University, State University of New York


October 1
Prof. Walter Schuster: „Standards, management incentives and accounting practice – lessons from the IFRS transition in Sweden“
Stockholm School of Economics


October 29
Prof. Christoph Watrin: "„Wirkung einer Veräußerungs­gewinnbesteuerung auf den M&A-Markt am Beispiel der Steuerreform 2001“"
Universität Münster


November 12
Dr. Stephen Hollander: "“Disclosure choices during earnings conference calls”"
Tilburg University


November 26
Prof. Caren Sureth: "“Taxation of Risky Irreversible Investment and Paradoxical Investor Behavior”"
Universität Paderborn


December 3
Prof. Steven Young: „Stock Repurchases and Executive Compensation Contract Design: The Role of Earnings Per Share Performance Conditions“
Lancaster University