Research Seminar – 2010

10 March 

Prof. Laurence van Lent: „Equity ownership and campaign financing of members of Congress and the bailout of the financial sector“

Tilburg University


17 March

Prof. Dr. Dirk Kiesewetter: „Investment Behavior and the Biased Perception of Limited Loss Deduction in Income Taxation“

Universität Würzburg


24 March

Prof. Jack Douglas Stecher: „Lending, Lying, and Costly Auditing“

Tepper School of Business


25 March

Prof. Jan F.M.G. Bouwens: "“Aggregate and Specific Performance Measures and Intra-firm Interdependencies: Theory and Evidence”"

Tilburg University


28 April 

Prof. Gaetan Nicodeme: „International Taxation and Multinational Firm Location Decisions“

European Commission


5 May

Prof. Niclas Hellman: „Goodwill Components and Impairment Tests under Conservative Accounting: A Theoretical Evaluation“

Stockholm School of Economics


26 May 

Prof. Mary Ellen Carter: "“Premium Pay for Executive Talent: An Empirical Analysis“ 

Boston College


2 June 

Prof. Joan Luft: „Capital Rationing, Competition, and Misrepresentation in Budget Forecasts”"

Michigan State University


7 July

Prof. Christine Wiedman: „Compensation Committees’ Treatment of Earnings Components in CEOs’ Terminal Years“

University of Waterloo


29 September

Prof. Thiess Büttner: „Investment and Firm-Specific Cost of Capital“

Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich / ifo Institut für Wirtschafts­forschung


20 October

Prof. Gilles Hilary: „Do Sales Executives Matter for Financial Reporting?“



17 November

Prof. Dr. Kay Blaufus: „Nobody's perfect – The effects of heuristics and tax aversion on taxpayers‘ decision making“

Europa-Universität Viadrina


25 November

Dr. Mirko H. Heinle: „Management Forecast Bias“

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania


1 December

Dr. Johannes Becker: „Optimal Taxation of Foreign Profits – The Old View, the New View and the Pragmatic View“

Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property, Munich


8 December

Prof. Florin P. Vasvari: "“The Value of Corporate Diversification: A Debt Market Perspective”"

London Business School