Research Seminar

Our Research Seminar in Accounting & Taxation provides a forum for our faculty, PhD students, and invited speakers to present, discuss, and debate current research in a workshop-style format.

Program for the current term

Room SO 318, on Tuesdays 1.45 ̶ 3.15 pm

September 18

Per Olson: “Analysts’ Earnings Adjustments and Changes in Accounting Standards“

ESMT Berlin

October 16

Laurence van Lent: “Firm-Level Political Risk – Measurement and Effects”

Frankfurt School

October 23

Marcel Tuijn: “Do Firms Strategically Announce Capacity Expansions in Response to Threats of Entry?”

Erasmus University Rotterdam

October 30

Hui Chen: „Stability and Regime Change: The Evolution of Accounting Standards“

University of Zurich

November 6

John Gallemore: “Corporate Tax Enforcement Externalities and the Banking Sector”

University of Chicago Booth School of Business

November 27

Stefano Cascino: “Labor Market Effects of Spatial Licensing Requirements: Evidence from CPA Mobility”

London School of Economics and Political Science

December 18

Wen Li:

Lancaster University

December 18

Maximilian Muhn:

Humboldt University of Berlin


January 31

Nathan Goldman

University of Dallas at Dallas

February 26

Rebecca Lester

Stanford University

March 19

Lilian Mills

University of Texas at Austin

March 26

Christoph Pelger

University of Innsbruck

April 9

Inder Khurana

University of Missouri

April 30

Chris Williams

University of Michigan

May 14

Jeff Hoopes

University of North Carolina

May 21

Matthias Breuer

University of Columbia

May 28

Allen Huang

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

June 4

Luzi Hail


Past Research Seminars