Research Seminar

(co-hosted by the Collaborative Research Center TRR 266 Accounting for Transparency)

Our Research Seminar in Accounting & Taxation provides a forum for our faculty, PhD students, and invited speakers to present, discuss, and debate current research in a workshop-style format.

Program for the current term

Room SO 318 , on Tuesdays 1.45 ̶ 3.15 pm

5 September 2023

Dyreng, Scott: Endogeneity and the Economic Consequences of Tax Avoidance”.

Duke University

12 September 2023

Ertan, Aytekin: „The Information Content of Central-Bank Disclosures: Firm-level Evidence from the Euro­system Collateral Haircuts”.

London Business School

19 September 2023

Oehler, Christopher: „How to Select Targets for Investigations? Evidence from Financial Reporting Enforcement”.

Goethe Universtität Frankfurt a.M.

10 October 2023

Sran, Grupal: „How Do Consumers Use Firm Disclosure? Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment”.

New York University

17 October 2023

Ohrn, Eric: „Effects of International Tax Provisions on Domestic Labor Markets.“ 

Grinnell College

24 October 2023

Weber, Michael:„Tell Me Something I Don’t Already Know: Learning in Low and High-Inflation Settings”.

University of Chicago Booth School of Business

31 October 2023

Aghamolla, Cyrus: „When private equity comes to town: The local economic consequences of rising healthcare costs”

University of Minnesota

21 November 2023

Keeve, Tanja: „Managing Corporate Emission Disclosures Through Divestitures”

Tilburg University

28 November 2023

Litjens, Robin: „Localized Information Acquisition”

Tilburg University

5 December 2023

Bleibtreu, Christopher: „The intricate effects of corporate political connections on financial reporting and auditor choice”

BI Norwegien Business School

19 December 2023

Leuz, Christian: „Know Your Customer: Informed Trading by Banks”

University of Chicago Booth School of Business

20 February 2024

Barrios, John: „Informing Entrepreneurs?Initial Public Offerings and New Business Formation”

Washington University in St. Louis

5 March 2024

Nicoletti, Allison: Politically Motivated Capital Expenditures: Evidence from Banking”

Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

5 March 2024

Cohen, Shira: „cancelled“

San Diego State University

12 March 2024

Lynch, Dan: „An Examination of Uncertain Tax Position Reserves around the Purchase of Auditor Provided Tax Services”

University of Wisconsin-Madison

19 March 2024

Maffet, Mark: „The Impact of Foreign Investors’ Challenges to Domestic Regulations”

University of Miami

9 April 2024

Stocken, Phil: „Credit Ratings and Cheap-talk”

Tuck School of Business Dartmouth

16 April 2024 

Crowley, Richard:„Algorithm Access for All: Information Processing Democratization via GitHub”

Singapore Management University

23 April 2024 

Gipper, Brandon: „Carbon Accounting Quality: Measurement and the Role of Assurance“

Stanford University

7 May 2024

Ege, Matt: „Audits of Non-GAAP Earnings: Evidence from Adjusted EBITDA in Segment“

Texas A&M University

14 May 2024

Bilicka, Katarzyna: „The Role of Intellectual Property in Tax Planning”

Utah State University

21 May 2024

Güçeri, Irem: Tax Policy, Investmentand Profit-Shifting”

University of Oxford

21 May 2024

Belnap, Andrew:

University of Texas at Austin

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