Research Seminar - 2009

March 4
Prof. Wagenhofer: „Optimal Precision of Accounting Information in Debt Contracting”"
Universität Graz


March 18
Prof. Johannes Voget: „Headquarter Relocations and International Taxation“
Said Business School, Oxford University


April 8
Prof. Jörg Budde: „Bonus Pools and Tournaments under Objective and Subjective Performance Indicators“
Universität Bonn


April 29
Prof. Stephen A. Hillegeist: „Financial Distress Risk and Initial CEO Compensation Contracts“



May 6
Prof. Jan F.M.G. Bouwens: „The Economics of Full Cost Transfer Pricing“
Tilburg University


June 3
Prof. Irem Tuna: „Management Forecast Credibility and Underreaction to News“
London Business School


June 18
Prof. Carolyn Levine: "“Real and Exaggerated Internal Control Deficiencies”"
Carnegie Mellon University


June 24
Prof. Steven Salterio: "“Do Audit Actions Consistent with Increased Auditor Scepticism Deter Potential Management Malfeasance?”"
Queen's University


October 14

Prof. Ulf Schiller: „Bilanzpolitik bei Zwischenberichtserstattung“

University of Bern


November 4

Dr. Christof Beuselinck: "“Multinational Income Shifting, Tax Enforcement and Firm value”"

Tilburg University


November 18

Dr. Nadine Riedel: „Corporate Tax Effects on the Quality and Quantity of FDI“

Oxford University


December 2

Prof. Ralf Maiterth: „Inheritance Tax-exempt Transfer of German Businesses: Imperative or Unjustified Subsidy? – An Empirical Analysis“

Leibniz Universität Hannover


December 9

Dr. Markus Maedler: „An Analysis of Congruity“

IESE Business School