Research Seminar

(co-hosted by the Collaborative Research Center TRR 266 Accounting for Transparency)

Our Research Seminar in Accounting & Taxation provides a forum for our faculty, PhD students, and invited speakers to present, discuss, and debate current research in a workshop-style format.

Program for the current term

Room SO 318 , on Tuesdays 1.45 ̶ 3.15 pm

13 September 2022

Friedman, Henry:„A theoretical framework for ESG reporting to investors”

UCLA Anderson School of Management

4 October 2022

Yost, Benjamin:„Personally tax aggressive executives and corporate misconduct”

Boston College

11 October 2022

Fiechter, Peter:„Does information about firms’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) affect stock market liquidity? Evidence from a CSR information shock”

University of Neuchatel

25 October 2022

Zwick, Eric: „America's Missing Entrepreneurs”

University of the Chicago Booth School of Business

8 November 2022

Lourenco, Sofia: An Analysis of Auditors’ Turnover Intention

Lisbon School of Economics & Management

15 November 2022

Marra, Antonio: „The Unintended Consequences of Accounting-Based Regulation: Real Effects on European Football Players Transfer Market“

Università Bocconi

6 December 2022

Madsen, Paul:Motive Forces: How Accountants’ Distinctive Values Shape the Profession’s Adaptability

University of Florida

21 February 2023

Floyd, Eric:„Learning When to Quit: A Field Experiment with Innovation-Driven Start-ups”

University of California, San Diego

28 February 2023

Khan, Urooj:„Mandatory Disclosure and Takeovers: Evidence from Private Banks”

University of Texas at Austin

7 March 2023

Sutherland, Andrew: „RegTech”

MIT Sloan School of Management

14 March 2023

De Simone, Lisa: „How Do Multinational Companies Respond to Destination-based Taxes”

University of Texas at Austin

21 March 2023

Blankespoor, Elisabeth:Confused Readers: A Modular Approach for Measuring Business Complexity

University of Washington

18 April 2023

Graham, John: „Project Development with Delegated Bargaining: The Role of Inflated Hurdle Rates”

Duke University

25 April 2023 postponed

Costello, Anna

University of Chicago Booth School of Business

2 May 2023 

Wilde, Jaron: „Hidden in Plain Sight: Havens and Captives”

University of Iowa

9 May 2023 postponed

Dyreng, Scott: „Endogeneity and the Economic Consequences of Tax Avoidance”

Duke University

23 May 2023

Williams, Christopher: „Investor Relations and Private Debt Markets”

University of Michigan

30 May 2023

Lu, Shirley: „Accountability of Corporate Emissions Reduction Targets”

Harvard Business School

Past Research Seminars