Master Thesis

The prerequisite for writing a master's thesis at the Area of Marketing is the successful completion of a seminar MKT 7X0 at one of the marketing chairs (LS Homburg MKT 710, LS Stahl MKT 720, LS Kuester MKT 730 or LS Kraus MKT 740) and the successful completion of the courses MKT 510 (or MKT 301) and MKT 520. The prerequisites for attending the seminars are listed according to student cohorts on the respective information pages of the seminars.

We also recommend that students write their Master's thesis at the chair where the seminar paper was written, thus enabling early involvement in the respective research and project work of the chair.

The topics offered by the chair can be found here.

The master thesis is 24 ECTS for MMM students and 15 ECTS for MMBR students.

The contact person for general questions related to master theses is Mengmeng Niu, M.Sc. (mniu