Selected Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals

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Journal of Marketing Research (VHB Ranking A+) “Managing Laggards: The Importance of a Deep Sales Bench (forthcoming, with Boichuk, Jeffrey P., Raghuram Bommaraju, Michael Ahearne, and Thomas J. Steenburgh), Journal of Marketing Research, forthcoming.
Journal of Marketing (VHB Ranking A+) Intrafunctional Competitive Intelligence and Sales Performance: A Social Network Perspective (2013, with Michael Ahearne, Son Lam and Babak Hayati), Journal of Marketing, 77 (5), 37–56.

“Multiple Identification Foci and Their Countervailing Effects on Salespeople's Negative Headquarters Stereotypes” (2012, with Jan Wieseke, Michael Ahearne and Sven Mikolon), Journal of Marketing, 76 (3), 1–20. Article Winner of the 2013 American Marketing Association Sales SIG Excellence in Research Award.

“The Diffusion of Market Orientation throughout the Organization: A Social Learning Theory Perspective” (2010, with Michael Ahearne and Son Lam), Journal of Marketing, 74 (5), 61–79.
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (VHB Ranking A) It's a Matter of Congruence: How Interpersonal Identification between Sales Managers and Salespersons Shapes Sales Success (2013, with Michael Ahearne, Till Haumann and Jan Wieseke), Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 41 (6), 625–648. Article
Journal of Retailing (VHB Ranking A) When Sales Managers and Salespeople Disagree in the Appreciation for their Firm: The Phenomenon of Organizational Identification Tension (2015, with Till Haumann, Michael Ahearne and Jan Wieseke), Journal of Retailing, 91 (3), 486–515.
Strategic Management Journal (VHB Ranking A) Performance Impact of Middle Managers' Adaptive Strategy Implementation: the Role of Social Capital (2014, with Michael Ahearne and Son Lam), Strategic Management Journal, 35 (1), 68–87.
Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes (VHB Ranking A) Toward A Contingency Framework of Interpersonal Influence in Organizational Identification Diffusion (2012, with Michael Ahearne, Son Lam and Jan Wieseke), Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 118 (2), 168–172.

Journal of Service Research (VHB Ranking A)
On the Role of Empathy in Customer-Employee Interactions (2012, with Anja Geigenmüller and Jan Wieseke), Journal of Service Research, 15 (3), 71–87.

“How Leaders' Motivation Transfers to Customer Service Representatives” (2011, with Jan Wieseke, Sascha Alavi and Tino Kessler-Thönes), Journal of Service Research, 14 (2), 214–233.
Review of Managerial Science (VHB Ranking B) Resolving Conflict over Salespeople's Brand Adoption in Franchised Channels of Distribution (2013, with Jan Wieseke and Thomas Rajab), Review of Managerial Science, 7 (4), 443–473.
Schmalenbach Business Review (VHB Ranking B) Should Firms Encourage Salespeople to Promote House Brands in Customer Interaction? An Empirical Investigation of Financial Outcomes and Customer Response (2012, with Thomas Rajab and Jan Wieseke), Schmalenbach Business Review, 64, 331–363.
Zeitschrift für betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung (VHB Ranking B) Ein interdisziplinärer Ansatz zur Überwindung von Technologieadoptionsbarrieren (2010, with Jan Wieseke and Thomas Rajab), Zeitschrift für betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung, Jg. 62, 822–859.

“Förderung des Eigenmarkenverkaufs durch Vertriebsmitarbeiter – Eine empirische Analyse informeller Anreizfaktoren” (2010, with Jan Wieseke and Thomas Rajab), Zeitschrift für betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung, Jg. 62, 2–29.
Zeitschrift für Betriebswirtschaft (VHB Ranking B) Ist Marktorientierung ansteckend? Der Transfer der Marktorientierung über Hierarchieebenen – Eine empirische Mehrebenenuntersuchung (2010, with Michael Lingenfelder and Jan Wieseke), Zeitschrift für Betriebswirtschaft, 80 (4), 383–416.

Selected International Conferences

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INFORMS Marketing Science Conference Allow or Block: Optimal Strategies against Ad-blockers in Competitive Markets”, (with Gokhan Gecer and Pinar Yildirim) Marketing Science Conference, Rome, 2019.
INFORMS Marketing Science Conference;
INFORMS Marketing Science Conference;„Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value Through Strategic Channel Management: How To Incentivize Customers To Use Apps Versus Websites“, (with Gokhan Gecer and Florian Stahl), Marketing Science Conference, Philadelphia,2018.
American Marketing Association;Gender Identity and Consumer Preference for Gender Labeled Products”, (with Susanne Ludwig and Stefan Hattula), AMA Winter Marketing Academic Conference, Las Vegas, 2016.
Academy of Marketing Science Salespeople's Negative Out-group Stereotypes in Sales Organizations, (with Jan Wieseke, Michael Ahearne and Sven Mikolon), AMS Annual Conference, Coral Gables, 2011.
Academy of Consumer Research Gaerth, Maximilian and Haiming Hang (2016). Softness in the Ear: How Musical Sophistication Influences the Interaction Between Music and Expected Haptic Softness, Advances in Consumer Research. 44, pp. 445–46.
European Marketing Academy Effectiveness of Different Launch Approaches For Incremental Product Innovations, (with Cornelia Hattula), EMAC Conference, Oslo, 2016.
Marketing Science Institute Boosting Sales Productivity: The Man-on-the-Bench Effect, (with Michael Ahearne, Carmen Liutec and Thomas Steenburgh), MSI Conference, Washington DC, 2011.
Strategic Account Management Association Understanding Customer Types in Real World Account Management, SAMA's Pan-European Conference, Berlin, 2015.