Applied Negotiation (language = German)

Code MKT 617
Semester FSS
ECTS Credits 2
Examination Written case study
Language German
Contact Ann-Kathrin Polenz, M. Sc.
Lecturer Dr. Clemens Jüttner and Guido Bötticher
Timetable tba
Room tba
Kick-off Date tba
Contents In the course “Applied Negotiation”, students will apply negotiation strategies in real-world negotiation examples. Students will prepare and conduct their own negotiations in small groups. After each simulation, tape-recordings will be discussed. Furthermore, MKT 617 provides insights into reading body language as well as an introduction to the concept of mimic signals. Based on the gained knowledge, a written assignment of a practical negotiation case needs to be prepared and submitted for grading.
Learning Outcomes At the end of the course, students will be able to apply gained knowledge in negotiation management in a practical environment.
Prerequisites MKT 616, Not taken MKT 613
Course Material tba
Examination Date tba