ISR Best Paper Runner Up Award 2021

The paper “Augmenting Medical Diagnosis Decisions? An Investigation Into Physicians Decision-Making with Artificial Intelligence” by Ekaterina Jussupow, Kai Spohrer, Armin Heinzl, and Joshua Gawlitza was awarded the Best Paper Award 2021 – Runners-Up by Alok Gupta and Suprateek Sarker at the editors meeting of the journal Information Systems Research (ISR) on the sidelines of ICIS 2022 in Copenhagen. The paper looks at how young and experienced physicians interact with AI systems and why it is cognitively challenging to reject an incorrect AI suggestion. The article won awards both for its innovative research design, for its theoretical elaboration of the role of metacognition, and for its high practical relevance. Since the manuscript was published online in early 2021, the article has already been downloaded 1,619 times and cited 66 times (as of Jan. 18, 2023).

The team of authors consists of three (former) researchers from the University of Mannheim and a radiologist who was employed at the University Hospital in Mannheim. The journal Information Systems Research is part of the UTD24 as well as the FT50 rating and is classified as an A+ journal according to VHB JourQual 3. The article can be accessed at