Integrated Information Systems

IS 401 for Bachelor's program (Business Administration and other non-Business Informatics)

General Information

Spring 2023
Performing Lecturers Prof. Dr. Armin Heinzl & Dr. Nele Lüker
Examiner Prof. Dr. Armin Heinzl
Course Format Lecture, Exercise and Tutorials
Credit Points 6 ECTS
Language English
Grading Written exam
Exam Date Final Exam: Friday, 31.3.2023
Course materials ILIAS group
Teaching Method Course content is taught in lecture style. Exercises require student preparation and participation to (a) enable skill development in business process modeling and (b) deepen and critically discuss course contents.
Stefan Hübner

Stefan Hübner

Contact person for Integrated Information Systems

For further information please contact Stefan Hübner.

Course Information

  • Brief Description

    In the kick-off meeting an introduction to process modeling will be given. In subsequent sessions, we will discuss the use of integrated information systems with a focus on manufacturing and trading industries.

    Furthermore, fundamentals of management support systems (Business Intelligence) will be presented.

    By the end of the semester, the participants of the lecture will be able to model complex operational tasks with the help of well-established modeling methods. Additionally, the participants will be in the position to discuss the potential of the use of integrated information systems in manufacturing companies and to analyze and understand comprehensive process dependencies.

    Structure of the Lecture

    • Process Modeling
    • Information Systems in
      • Research & Development
      • Marketing & Sales
      • Procurement, Warehousing
      • Production
      • Shipping, Service
      • Finance, Accounting and Human Resources
    • Information Systems in Retailing
    • Planning and Control Systems
  • Course Outline & Schedule

    Lecturers Prof. Dr. Armin Heinzl & Dr. Nele Lüker


    Date Time Topics Room
    16.2.2023 1.45 pm – 5 pm Introduction
    Business Process Modeling
    SO 108
    23.2.2023 1.45 pm – 5 pm Research & Development
    Marketing & Sales
    SO 108
    2.3.2023 1.45 pm – 5 pm Procurement
    SO 108
    9.3.2023 1.45 pm – 5 pm Production (incl. R & D) SO 108
    16.3.2023 1.45 pm – 5 pm Shipping / SCM, Finance, HR, Accounting SO 108
    23.3.2023 1.45 pm – 5 pm Business Intelligence
    Wrap-Up and Exam Q&A
    SO 108
    31.3.2023 16:30 Final Examen  
  • Exercises

    Lecturer Dr. Nele Lüker


    Date Time Room
    22.2. – 22.3.2023 Wednesday, 15:30 – 17:00 AND 17:15 – 18:45 SO 108
  • Tutorials

    Lecturers Dr. Nele Lüker & Tutors (S. Hübner, F. Reiss, J. Lüllig, N. Siebler, Y. Oefler)
    Date Time Room
    17./20./21.2. – 17./21./22.3.2023 One session per week on Friday, Monday or Tuesday! Depending on parallel group:
    SN 169, O 142, O 145

    One tutorial session per week. A registration is not required. Details will be shared in the first lecture.

    Please see parallel groups in Portal2 for detailed information on parallel groups, times, and rooms.

  • Literature

    • Mertens: Integrierte Informationsverarbeitung 1, 18. Aufl., Gabler 2012
    • Wigand et al.: Introduction to Business Information Systems, Springer 2008