Award for the DESRIST 2023 Best Paper Award

Our paper “Designing User-Centric Explanations for Medical Imaging With Informed Machine Learning“ by Luis Oberste, Florian Rüffer, Okan Aydingül, Johann Rink and Armin Heinzl has been awarded for the DESRIST (Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technology) best paper award. The research is part of the Research Campus M²OLIE. The convention has been the leading conference for the „build side“ in our discipline for 18 years. Design science focusses on the development and validation of prescriptive knowledge in the information sciences. Nobel prize laureate Herbert A. Simon distinguished the natural sciences, concerned with explaining how things are, from design sciences which are concerned with how things ought to be, i.e., with devising technological artifacts to attain goals. The conference took place in Pretoria, South Africa, from May 31 to June 2. We thank the conference chairs, the track chairs, and the review panel for their constructive feedback and for the signal of appreciation.