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Here, interested persons, researchers, and students can find selected information on noteworthy publications, awards, current activities and other events of the chair.


Professor Dr. Armin Heinzl is presented with “Digitalization Across Organizational Levels,” a Festschrift honoring his contributions to academia
On the occasion of Armin Heinzl's 60th birthday, professors Jens Dibbern (University of Bern), Jens Förderer (Technical University of Munich), Thomas Kude (ESSEC Business School), Franz Rothlauf (University of Mainz), and Kai Spohrer (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management) presented a ...
Rosa Holtzwart was awarded the Fellowship for Interdisciplinary Economics
Rosa Holtzwart from the Chair of General Management and Information Systems was awarded the Add-on Fellowship for Interdisciplinary Economics from the Joachim Herz Foundation. The Joachim Herz Foundation annually awards 40 “Add-on Fellowships for Interdisciplinary Economics”. The fellowships aim to ...
Ekaterina Jussupow wins AISD First Award
For her publication “Augmenting Medical Diagnosis Decisions? An Investigation into Physicians’ Decision-Making Process with Artificial Intelligence“, Ekaterina Jussupow was awarded the AISD First award.
Value Co-Creation in Data Ecosystems
How can SMEs move from the world of products to the world of digital services and build a digital data infrastructure that is both scalable and delivers measurable benefits?
New publications on the impact of AI systems on medical professionals
Ekaterina Jussupow, Kai Spohrer, and Armin Heinzl have recently published two studies on how medical professionals perceive and make sense of diagnostic AI systems.