Academic Theses

All degree programmes (Bachelor/Master) except Business Administration (Bachelor)

  • Requirements

    • Completed seminar at the Chair of General Management and Information Systems (Prof. Heinzl) or at other chairs in the Area Information Systems
    • Application documents (curriculum vitae, transcript of records, references, etc.)
    • A concrete topic proposal 
      • At least half a page
      • “I want to do something with Information Systems” is not a proposal
  • Procedure

    • Send a PDF of the seminar paper, the application documents and the concrete topic proposal to an employee of the chair who best fits the topic
    • If a suitable employee with free capacity has been found, the preparation of a detailed proposal begins
    • A proposal is not yet a commitment to supervise a thesis. The proposal should cover the following points:
      • Motivation for the topic, research question, approach in the thesis, goals, basic and relevant literature
      • Several revisions may be required until the regustration of the thesis can be done
    • Registration of the thesis
    • Wrtiting the thesis
      • If applicable, an interim presentation at the research colloquium of the chair will be conducted
    • submission
      • Via PDF as email to the supervisor
      • Two hardcover copies of the work
      • CD/USB drive with all documents (.doc etc. and the final PDF, transcripts of interviews, all data, code, literature (PDF))