The Chair of ABWL, Public & Nonprofit Management offers courses on Bachelor's level, Master's level and within the doctoral program. Find the dates of the lectures, exercices and seminars in the Portal2 (matriculated students only).

Bachelor's Degree Courses

Course nameCreditsDetailsTerm
MAN 451 Einführung in das Nonprofit Management3 ECTS

The course offers an introduction into nonprofit management. You can find the course's syllabus here.

Spring semester
MAN 452 Einführung in das Public Management3 ECTS

The course offers an introduction into public management. The course is expected to be held next in spring 2025.

Spring semester
Management für Nebenfachstudierende6 ECTS

Important note: All participants of this event have to register for the lecture in Portal² and on ILIAS to get access to script, lecture videos, exercise videos and other materials.

Spring semester
Bachelor Thesis12 ECTS (BWL) / 12 ECTS (WiPäd)

At the Chair of Business Administration, Public & Nonprofit Management we offer students in Business Administration and Business Education the opportunity to write their bachelor thesis at our chair.  The topics for the bachelor thesis in Business Education you will find here. Please find general information on how to write scientific papers in our regulations. The regulations in German you will find here.

Spring semester

Master's Degree Courses

Course nameCreditsDetailsTerm
MAN 521 – Science Management4 ECTS

The learning content of the module includes a systematic overview of the structure and function of the German academic system, its legal foundations and the way in which universities and academic institutions are managed. In addition to management tasks in research, quality and personnel development, the module also provides insights into the day-to-day work of university management, from personnel management to funding/marketing management. Career prospects in science, including employment relationships, are also part of the module content, as are links between the science system and current (world) politics.

Spring semester
MAN 522 Responsibility in Management4 ECTS

The lecture examines the question of responsibility in the management of companies and other organizations on the basis of concrete case studies and fundamental texts from the economic and philosophical tradition.

Spring semester
MAN 609 Hybrid Organizing in Corporate and Nonprofit Management4 ECTS

This seminar explores the intersection of corporate and nonprofit management through the lens of hybrid organizing. Hybrid organizations are increasingly prevalent in today's complex and interconnected world and are argued to exist in the for-profit as well as in the nonprofit and the public sector. They combine profit-driven and mission-oriented approaches (incl. social and environmental responsibilities).

Spring semester
MAN 675: Selected Challenges in Nonprofit Management Focus topic: Fundraising6 ECTS

The syllabus of the course you will find here.

Fall semester
MAN 676 Ausgewählte Herausforderungen im Public Management6 ECTS

The syllabus of the course you will find here.

Spring semester
MAN 679 Wissenschaftl. Einf. in das Public & Nonrofit Mgmt6 ECTS

The syllabus of the course you will find here.

Fall semester
MAN 680 Challenges of Public & Nonprofit Management6 ECTS

Case study seminar on challenges in public and nonprofit management. The course's syllabus can be found here.

Spring semester
MAN 659 Understanding and Tackling Societal Challenges through Management Research6 ECTS

This fall 2022 Professor Helmig offers this course for the first time. It deals with “grand challenges” of our world using the latest Management research. Language: English. You can find out more about the course here.  

Fall semester
MAN 710 Research Seminar Pub. & Nonprofit Mgmt6 ECTS

This semester’s research seminar (spring term 2024) focuses on “Qualitative empirical research in Public & Nonprofit Management”. A detailed syllabus can be downloaded here. You must register for this seminar via mail to Dr. Maren Rottler ( until February 12, 11:59 pm. Please provide the following information: Name, study program, student number, attended courses of the chair. Students studying in the master program Culture and Business have to personally hand in the form “Antrag auf Übertragung (Export) der Masterarbeitsbetreuung“, signed by Mr. Hempen currently via scan to Maren Rottler. Without this form, the registration cannot be processed. The course language is English (spring semster) and German (fall semester).

Spring semester / Fall semester
Master's Thesis24 ECTS

Our chair offers a range of up-to-date topics for master’s theses. If you wish, you also can propose a topic yourself.  The formal requirements for writing a master’s thesis at the Chair of Busniess Adminstraiton, Public & Nonprofit Management are regulated in the module catalogue. Before writing your master’s thesis, please complete the checklist and submit it to the respective supervisor of master’s theses. Please find general information on how to write scientific papers in our regulations. The regulations in German you will find here.

Spring semester / Fall semester

Doctoral Program Courses

Course nameCreditsDetailsTerm
MAN 802 Fundamentals of Nonprofit Mgmt Science6 ECTS

Tuesday, 20th September, 10:15–12:30 (Kick-off)

Tuesday, 18th October, 10:15–11:45 (Q&A-session)

Tuesday, 22nd November, 10:15–12:30 (Presentation session)

Fall semester
Internes Doktorandenseminar0 ECTS

The aim of the internal doctoral candidate's seminar is to give the opportunity to conferring a doctorate, to introduce the results of their research projects and to discuss. This happens mostly in the form of talk formats similar to conference which are taken as a base to question the actual state of the research critically and to develop.

Fall semester/Spring semester
Internes Forschungsseminar0 ECTS

The aim of the internal research seminar is to discuss topically of running projects in the team and to develop them. For this doctorates and Post-Docs present the actual state of their research projects with the objective to discuss concrete challenges in the team, to develop solutions and to agree on the next process steps.

Fall semester/Spring semester
Paper Develoment Seminar0 ECTS

During the paper development seminar current paper projects as well as the overall research strategy of the chair of business administration, public & nonprofit management are discussed and further developed by Prof. Helmig and his research team.

Fall semester
Management Science0 ECTS

The seminar „Management Science“ is a annual three-day conference of chairs in the field of marketing, public and nonprofit management and sustainability management. Doctoral students and postdocs present and discuss research projects with an interdisciplinaly group of researchers.

Spring semester


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