From Data To Insights

“From Data to Insights” is a course designed to introduce participants to key concepts, tools, and practices of data science, business analytics and data-driven decision making in management and marketing. While the increasing availability of ''big data'' enables empirically guided approaches for decision-making and resource allocation, managers and top executives still rely on conventional wisdom or intuition. The 14 modules of the course “From Data to Insights” address state-of-the-art approaches and tools of data science and business analytics. Discussing real business case studies, participants learn to apply key approaches and tools of data science and business analytics in the context of management and marketing. A learning outcome of the course is (1) how to translate big data and model recommendations into organizational action and (2) how to apply different management and marketing metrics to increase sales and profits or to improve managerial processes.

Further Information

  • Course Content

    The content of the course will be broken down into two parts and 14 different modules:

    • Understanding of key success metrics to quantify market opportunities, determine accountability, measure performance and reveal competitive threats of various  marketing activities with respect to:  
      • Business Analytics Capstone
        • Data Science, Data Processing, and Data-Driven Decision Making
        • Big Data – Issues, Challenges and Solutions
      • From Customer Profitability to Direct Marketing and Relationship Marketing
      • Pricing Analytics
      • Advertising and Online Marketing Analytics
      • Margins, Profits and Financial Performance
    • Understanding and applying basic analytical and statistical methods to derive and determine from raw data key business and marketing metrics. We cover a wide range of analytical and statistical methods including 
      • Data Sampling and Statistical Testing
      • Regression Models to Uncover Causal Relationships
        • Introduction and Advanced Regression Analysis
        • Understanding and Using Quantitative Modeling Techniques – Multiple Regression
        • Time-Series Forecasting for Effective Predictive Analytics
      • Field Experiments – Increasing Business Performance through A/B Tests
      • Artificial Intelligence – From Data Mining to Machine Learning
  • Learning Outcomes

    In this course participants will develop quantitative, analytical and statistical skills to address various business problems and to measure the success of manegment and marketing activities. Specifically the course objectives are as follows:

    • To familiarize participants with appropriate analytical appriaches, concepts and tools to get insights into business problems and the success of management and marketing activities; 
    • To enable participants to identify the necessary data needed to calculate and forecast key business, management and marketing metrics;
    • To provide participants quantitative and statistical knowledge and skills to calculate business and marketing metrics from raw data available within a company.

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