Audible in an Auditorium

A lecture that no students listen to?

Mannheim. A lecture with no students? It is like a basketball that’s not round, a baseball game with no pitcher mound, or a concert with no sound. Speaking of sound: Even for experienced lecturers, the acoustics is a very new experience – every little noise echoes in the large but empty lecture hall.

Since the University of Mannheim has temporarily discontinued classroom teaching, we are switching to digital channels. We already started recording lectures at the beginning of the semester to make them available online to our students. We will now continue along this path so that students can continue their studies, start their bachelor’s theses and attend follow-up courses. We hope that this will allow students to continue learning while also delaying the further spread of the coronavirus.

Students are kindly asked to keep an eye on the special page as well as our respective course pages both on the web and in Ilias.