Fundamentals of Negotiation (language = German)

Code MKT 616
Semester Fall
Type Compulsory Lecture
Hours/week 1
ECTS Credits 2
Assessment Written Exam (100%)
Language German
Contact Ann-Kathrin Polenz, M. Sc.
Lecturer Dr. Maximilian Gaerth
Timetable Sep 30, Oct 5, Oct 7, 2022 15.30–18.30
Room SN 163 (30.09.2022), M 003 (05.10.2022), SN 163 (07.10.2022)
Kick-off Date Sep 30, 2022 Please join the corresponding Ilias group for further information.
Short Description The course “Fundamentals of Negotiation” provides insights into fundamental principles, strategies, and tactics of negotiation. Furthermore, students will learn about common mistakes, the impact of (cognitive and motivational) biases as well as strategies to debias negotiation partners. Finally, we illustrate several persuasion strategies and techniques to confront lies and deception.
Learning Outcomes Students will know fundamental principles and tactics of negotiation. They will be able to distinguish between multiple behavioral biases and to avoid common mistakes.
Course Outline 1. Principles, Strategies, and Tactics 2. The Psychology of Negotiations 3. Real World Negotiations
Course Material tba
Exam Date 4th of November 2022

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