Spotlight: Marketing of Innovations

How to Successfully Develop and Market New Products and Services?

The successful development and marketing of innovations represents a major challenge for companies to sustain their competitive advantage and profitability. In our research portfolio, we shed light on various important aspects of developing and commercializing innovations in a multitude of studies. These studies address, for example, customer integration, sales force integration, global innovation management, pricing of innovations, digital innovations, launch management and innovation adoption, decision-making in innovation development, and business model innovations.

In our research, we examine critical managerial problems pertinent to the topics mentioned above. Based on our empirical research, we teach students and executives how to rise to the challenge of developing and marketing innovations. In our courses, we train participants how they can deduce relevant management implications and sustain competitive advantages in the innovation management context.

Exemplary research on „Marketing of Innovations“

  • Pricing Teams in Innovation Development: Devising an effective pricing strategy for new products is far from trivial and represents a major challenge for companies. This challenge is more complex when radically new products are concerned. To master the complexity of pricing new products, companies increasingly set up pricing teams. In our research, we demonstrate how pricing teams should be designed to drive the effectiveness of pricing strategy for incremental or radical innovations.
  • The Dual Role of the Sales Force in Innovation Development: With regard to innovation development, the sales force of a company is in a dual role.On the one hand, due to its closeness to the customer the sales force is in an excellent position to garner unique market insights. On the other hand, it is the main responsibility of the sales force to bring products to the market. We show that both roles represent important determinants of new product success for which the sales force should be recognized.
  • Innovation Development for Emerging Markets: Innovations for emerging markets provide promising business opportunities and tremendous growth potential for companies. In order to innovate successfully for emerging markets, companies need to develop resources and processes as well as an organizational culture and structure. In this we research, we provide guidance on how global companies become top innovators for emerging markets.

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