Bachelor's thesis

With the bachelor thesis, students work independently on a topic from business administration. It aims to enable the student to identify a problem within a given period of time and with limited resources on the basis of basic subject-related knowledge with the current scientific methods of the subject, to independently find ways to a solution and to present the solution in an appropriate linguistic and formal manner.

Information about the bachelor's thesis

  • Topic allocation procedure

    Step 1: Assignment to the Chair of Marketing & Innovation

    The examination committee allocates every student to a chair that will supervise his/her bachelor's thesis. In order for the examination committee to be able to allocate all students, they have to apply online. Please see the information of the examination board on ILIAS for the current schedule and procedure for your assignment to a chair for your Bachelor's thesis.


    Step 2: Allocation of Topics

    If the examination committee allocated you to our chair, we will provide you with a list of the bachelor's thesis topics available at our chair.

    Then you will be asked to submit a list ranking the topics in accordance with your preferences.

    Subsequently our team will allocate you to a topic taking your preferences into account as possible. The bachelor's thesis can be written in English or German.

  • Subject areas for the bachelor's thesis

    • Service Marketing
    • Innovation Management
    • Business Model Innovation
    • Brand Management
    • Communication Management
    • Consumer Behavior
    • Price Management
    • Marketing Theory
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Sales Management
    • International Marketing
    • Digital Marketing
  • Topics of completed bachelor's theses

    • I go with my gut – Feelings as Information in Purchase Decisions
      Ich höre auf mein Bauchgefühl – Gefühle als Informationen bei Kaufentscheidungen
    • Social status and conspicuous consumption: A literature-based review
      Sozialer Status und Geltungskonsum: Eine literaturbasierte Analyse
    • Made in Europe versus made in India – The Coutry-of-Origin effect and its' consequences for global marketing
      Made in Europe versus made in India – Der Country-of-Origin Effekt und seine Konsequenzen für globales Marketing
    • Do it yourself – Implications of consumers' effort investment for marketing management
      Marketing-Implikationen des Do-it-yourself-Effekts
    • What makes a successful firm’s innovation culture? – A literature review
      Was macht die erfolgreiche Innovationskultur einer Firma aus? – Ein Literaturüberblick
    • Innovation through networks – Opportunities and barriers of interorganizational integration
      Innovation in Netzwerken – Chancen und Barrieren der interorganisationalen Integration

Informationen about Scientific Writing

Please find the guidelines for the form and content of scientific papers at the Chair of Marketing & Innovation here, as well as the guidelines for the use of AI-tools in the Area Marketing & Sales. Please use the reference style of the American Marketing Association / Journal of Marketing in all scientific papers and presentations at our Chair.

Alexander Rupertus, M.Sc.

Alexander Rupertus, M.Sc.

Contact person for bachelor's theses

For further information please contact Alexander Rupertus.