Dr. Elisa Konya-Baumbach

Dr. Elisa Konya-Baumbach

Affiliated Researcher

Elisa works as a Lecturer and Researcher at Bern University of Applied Sciences. Furthermore, she consults firms regarding the psychology of AI acceptance. She was an Assistant Professor at the University of Mannheim and held visiting positions at NYU Stern and Cornell University. She holds a Ph.D. in Marketing from the University of Mannheim and an M.Sc. in Psychology from the University of Vienna.

Elisa’s research focuses on the intersection of consumer psychology & behavior, marketing, and digital innovations & technologies. She is particularly interested in consumers' adoption of applications based on artificial intelligence, the improvement of human-AI-interactions, and in helping companies to leverage the potential of artificial intelligence. Elisa’s work has appeared in the International Journal of Research in Marketing, Computers in Human Behavior, the Journal of Business Research, and International Marketing Review.