Theory in Information Systems Research

IS 903 für Doktoranden (Center for Doctoral Studies in Business)


FSS 2019
Verantwortlicher Dozent Prof. Dr. Dorothy Leidner, Baylor University
Veranstaltungs­art Seminar
Leistungs­punkte 8 ECTS
Sprache Englisch
Prüfungs­form und -umfang Theory Presentation (33%), Class Discussion (33%), Discussion Leader (33%)
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Monica Fallon, M.A.

Monica Fallon, M.A.

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  • Kurzbeschreibung

    Knowledge creation and dissemination is one of the objectives of any science. Whatconstitutes knowledge is a highly contested issue. Certainly, at the core of socialscience disciplines, knowledge is inseparable from theory. Indeed, to seek theoryguidedexplanations of real-world phenomenon is what separates scholars fromconsultants, who seek to change reality without explaining it, and from journalists,who report reality but do not explain it. The pursuit of theory drives us to understandreality - to discover truth -- before making recommendations on how to changereality; to explain why reality exists as it does, before trying to alter it. To pursuetheory is to pursue knowledge; to pursue knowledge is to advance humanity.Consequently, many scholars emphasize the centrality of theories for any scientificendeavor - a thought widely reflected in many disciplines from the natural to thesocial sciences. While attention to theoretical work has been at the heart of the­Information Systems (IS) discipline for a long time, the focus on theoretical debatesand genuine conceptual contributions has been picking up recently. This is reflected bya number of journal sections and conference tracks dedicated to advancing theory andtheorizing in IS research just as much as in many authors' experiences during thereviews of their work.

    This course --Theory in Information Systems Research -- invites participants to join theongoing discourse on theories and theorizing in the Business and Information SystemsEngineering (BISE) and Information Systems (IS) research communities. It is designedto help participants build and extend their understanding of the nature and role oftheory in BISE and IS research. Through discussions and analyses of current theoreticaldevelopments in the BISE and IS discipline and some of its main reference disciplines,participants will engage with theory and advance their skills of crafting their own theoretical contributions and evaluating those of others.

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    Dozent Prof. Dr. Dorothy Leidner, Baylor University


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